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Unwind, relax and take the daily stress away with an outdoor living room under the stars. Take that vacation you have wanted, every night in your own back yard. Whether just a small patio with chairs and a small fire pit, or a large raised terrace surrounded by a seating wall, a built in grill area, and a fireplace overlooking a waterfall. We can handle it all from design to completion.


S.K. Grenier landscape is an ICPI (Interlocking Concrete Paver Institute) certified company. We pride ourselves on exceptional workmanship that is not only attractive but very comfortable to walk on. All of our grading work is set with a laser to have a nice even transition on both ends and then we blend the existing grade to the walkway or patio, not the other way around like others do. We offer a wide variety of high quality materials from the top name manufacturers. We are so confident in our base preparation and the quality of materials used that our guarantee is unmatched by the competition and will give you peace of mind for years to come. Let us take the guess work out and come to you and computer design you’re walkway or patio in the style and color right in front of you, so that you can see what it will look when it is completed.


If you have a yard that is sloped or a flat yard that you want to give some character to, a retaining wall is the best choice for the job. We offer a variety of products to choose from and the knowledge to use the best products for the job application. You can utilize a wall to level out a yard, make a raised terrace, a sunken in lower patio, or a multi-tiered patio. S.K. Grenier landscape is an SRW (Segmented Retaining Wall) certified company. We pride ourselves on unmatched quality, paying close attention to every small custom detail that is often overlooked by others. Whether you need a large structural retaining wall or just a small garden wall to separate a planting bed from other areas in you’re landscape, we can do it all from the designing to the construction.



Relax, enjoy, and let the stress of the day go away while listening to the tranquil sounds of your very own backyard oasis. Unwind and enjoy quality time with family and friends by your very own pond and waterfall. Or you can choose to go with a pondless waterfall. Either way these low maintenance water features come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit your yard and budget.


Why let your beautiful landscape disappear when the sun goes down? Let landscape lighting show off your yard even more spectacular at night. Don’t turn on those high wattage, blinding, and energy consuming flood lights. With landscape lighting less is more. When we install a lighting system, your yard will be transformed into a nighttime wonderland. Choosing the correct fixture along with fixture placement, aiming and wattage are key in whether a yard looks good or spectacular. We make sure that all the points that should be illuminated are, and always with safety in mind for your family and friends. These high efficiency low voltage systems will give you years of trouble free service.


Rain water harvesting has been around for thousands of years, but today’s society has been reluctant to adopt it. With changing technology, true rain water harvesting is both functional and beautiful. This is not an unsightly plastic barrel under you’re gutters, with stagnant, smelly, mosquito infested water that spills out every rainstorm. This is a true, hidden, in ground, holding area with a beautiful, tranquil pondless waterfall above ground. This system can dramatically reduce your water bill by using free water to water plants, lawns, fill up kids pools, wash your car, etc. You don’t have to worry about your City or Town telling you there’s a water ban in effect and you can’t water the lawn or your gardens that you have spent time and money on. It’s a simple concept, the rain water gets piped from the gutters to an in ground storage area, then the water is pumped up to the water fall where it is cleaned, filtered, and aerated through the rocks as it circulates back into the storage area.